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Creating Sustainable Communities

About Us

In October 2004, a group of women united in their aspirations to uplift the communities in and around Johannesburg that were severely compromised in the most basic of human needs. Ten years on, this vision that started with a few cans of tinned food and a collection of used clothing has extended to daily feeding at numerous centres and both local and international relief efforts. The impact of F.E.E.D has been remarkable extending to communities throughout South Africa as well as countries across the globe. F.E.E.D is the realization of the need to FEED, EDUCATE, EMPOWER AND DEVELOP. These goals have been the backbone of the organization’s growth potential as no member of society or within a community is left unattended. This non-profit charity and faith based group provides support regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender and without expecting anything in return.


The ideologies behind F.E.E.D, have also extended towards the unity and growth of members and their families. F.E.E.D is much more than just a social upliftment organization, it is the coming together of people with a strong sense of responsibility and a deep commitment towards humanity and each other. Our initiatives are not only defined by locality or geographical boundaries. F.E.E.D over the years has built up extensive networks with like minded NGO’s to facilitate and enhance our outreach to serve both local and international relief efforts extending as far as Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Haiti, Malawi and Palestine. The organization with its committed volunteers has not been hampered by inaccessibility where a genuine need has been established.